The Good News?

More people are becoming Insurance Agents than ever before!

The Bad News?

You're not benefiting from this trend... yet!

Here's the truth...

As an individual agent, you are limited. There are only so many leads you can call or follow up with in a day, there are only so many policies that you can write by yourself. There is an inevitable ceiling that every insurance agent hits when they work alone.

What If… You Could Attract Your Ideal Prospect, Educate Them On What You Do And Then Give Them An Opportunity To Schedule An Interview With You?

The benefits of building a team of agents under you include:

  • Building wealth, as you’re able to profit from other’s efforts
  • Generating passive income, even making money while on family vacations!
  • Creating a community of people that are working with you towards a common goal (your business!)

But do you know where your ideal candidates are or what to even look for in a potential prospect? Maybe you’ve tried Indeed, ZipRecruiter, or even Craigslist, but your respondents were a far cry from what you are looking for. Time was wasted and you became frustrated with the process.

Imagine a recruiting system that generates consistent high-quality leads. You log in every day to check your interview calendar and it is booked with pre-vetted candidates. Your potential recruits know EXACTLY what they are being interviewed for and are QUALIFIED based on initial screening questions. Imagine all this happens before you even pick up the phone.

Be honest with yourself... are you satisfied with where you are at? Are you making the money that you expected to be making? 

If you’re not, you're probably working harder than you ever have to build your business. 

Is this everything you had hoped it would be? 

Working by yourself or with a team...

My team & I are here to Coach you

through this process of building your team, and equipping you with the tools you need to do it! 



Pack My Calendar: Recruitment Edition is the complete online marketing platform that attracts AND nurtures your recruiting prospects, while packing your calendar with qualified appointments that are ready to join your team.

Here’s How An On Demand Seminar Works: 

Your ideal prospect is scrolling through Facebook, and sees your ad promoting the opportunity to join your team as an insurance agent.

They click on your ad and go to your landing page. They opt-in with their name, email address, and phone number to reserve their seat for your instantly available (“on demand”) presentation. 

After they reserve their seat, they are shown a confirmation message and asked some quick survey questions. These survey questions are for your benefit, so that you can vet your candidates based on their answers.

After filling out the survey, the prospect is taken directly to watch your recorded presentation, and on that video page they have the option of scheduling a one-on-one call with you using a booking calendar at the bottom of the page.

Why An On Demand Seminar Works:

Your ads will only show to your target demographic on Facebook, meaning that anyone that registers to watch your video will match your Ideal Team Member Profile. 

You will have the prospects’ contact information and their answers to your survey questions, so when you call them for their pre-scheduled interview you’re prepared.

Some prospects won’t schedule an interview right away, so we added in another layer of automation that will follow up with your recruiting prospects for you until they schedule an interview. In the email sequence you’ll be answering their most common questions and encouraging them to schedule an interview with you. Don’t worry, I wrote this out for you – it's ready to go!

Pack My Calendar is better than any other recruiting marketing system because you’ll be getting...

  • High QUALITY Candidates...
  • ​Who UNDERSTAND the position and their responsibilities before they even talk to you
  • ​Your calendar FILLING UP with scheduled interviews of pre-vetted candidates, with
  • ​A consistent flow of new recruiting leads for your team

Your On-Demand Seminar works even when you aren't! This marketing system leverages your time, avoids tech failures and eliminates presentation nerves.

Agent CRM:

The Engine Running the Machine

I’ve been in the insurance marketing space for twenty years, and one of the frustrating (and time consuming) realities was there was not one single software that did everything I needed.

I invested in Agent CRM, the Smart CRM built for Insurance Agents & Financial Planners!  It includes seven tools under one roof – AN ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION! 

Agent CRM does everything you need for your on-demand seminar. Everything will be automatically uploaded to your Agent CRM account including the email templates.

We made it SO easy!

Other Companies Sell Software... that costs a bundle and only shows the presentation. Our software hosts the webinar, sends the emails, sends texts to your prospects, books the appointment, notifies you of new leads, and even comes with an app so you can communicate with your prospects in real time!

Other Companies Offer to Write Your Presentation... but they don't know your product so you're stuck educating them and hoping they do a good job. We provide a complete presentation with slides and live coaching to help you craft your presentation so it fits your voice and your opportunity.

Other Companies Refer You To Additional Tools for Marketing... because they don't provide all of the marketing tools themselves. On Demand Seminar is hosted on Agent CRM and allows you to email, text, send voicemail drops, and even call all your recruits using our power dialer.

The Cost Of Doing Nothing: This is an option. But you won’t be any further along than you are now. You’ll regret missing this opportunity to grow your business exponentially. 

Isn't it time you became wealthy in insurance....

without having to write another policy ever again?


Our program is the FULL package - you aren't missing anything

Leverages Your Time 
Because You Do It Once and It's An Asset For Your Business

Eliminates Presentation Nerves (the video seminar is pre-recorded!)

Avoid Tech Failures That You Might Run Into During a Live Presentation


These Agents have Generated 100s of Leads in 
less than 60 Days with PMC: Recruitment Edition!

Imagine how many leads your campaign will generate for you!

Here’s What You’re Getting Today:

 Pack My Calendar (Retail Value $997)

You get the complete training video and software package that comes with the original PackMyCalendar program. This will teach you how to make your presentation, edit your funnel, set everything up in Agent CRM, and launch your ads! The best part is that not only do we teach you how to do everything, we GIVE you all of the material in your Agent CRM Account. As soon as you buy, when import this material into you Agent CRM Account.

 Completed Slide Show (Retail Value $497)

In the stand-alone PackMyCalendar program, we gave you a fill-in-the-blank slide show for you to complete on your own. Not this time. With our Recruitment Edition, we have written out the slideshow for you! All you have to do is review it and make any necessary edits so that the content of the slides match your opportunity.

 Recruitment Ads (Retail Value $1,497)

We are including our BEST ads for you to use to drive traffic to your new on-demand seminar funnel. These ads are proven to work, and we're saving you time (and money) with a shortcut.

 Email Sequence (Retail Value $297)

You do NOT have to sit down and write out emails to the prospects that signed up to watch your on-demand seminar. Our team has written a series of eight emails that will confirm their registration to watch your presentation, encourage them with the benefits of what it will be like when they're on your team and we send them the link to schedule an interview with you. These emails will turn your registrations into appointments!

 Our Best Recruitment On-Demand Seminar Funnel (Retail Value $2,997)

That's right, you get our funnel with your PackMyCalendar package. All you have to do is review the copy and change the branding so it matches you... and it's ready to go. This funnel has been used by top-producing builders to build huge organizations, and it's included in your package!

 Ideal Team Member Worksheet (retail value $197)

We aren’t just going to help you attract your prospect, we’ll help you identify EXACTLY who that person is... and where to find them online


Fast Action Bonuses


 12 Coaching Sessions (Retail Value $2,400, live sessions start on June 7th)

During the month of June we are doing ten group coaching calls to help you with your Pack My Calendar program. The coaching sessions are crafted to help you put the finishing touches on your presentation, your funnel, your ads and your follow-up process. All of these live coaching sessions are recorded, so if you aren’t able to make the live calls you will not miss the golden nuggets that come from these sessions.

Introduction Call

June 7, 10am PST

Editing Your Presentation

June 10, 10am PST

Editing Your Presentation #2

June 14, 10am PST

Modifying Your Funnel

June 17, 10am PST

Personalizing Your 
Email Sequence

June 21, 10am PST

Agent CRM Automations

June 24, 10am PST

Facebook Ads

June 28, 10am PST

Testing Your Campaign

July 1, 10am PST

Launching Your Campaign

July 7, 10am PST


July 12, 10am PST


July 15, 10am PST


July 19, 10am PST

 Giveaway Funnel Boot Camp (Retail Value $397, bonus expires June 5th)

We love to reward our action takers! When you buy the Pack My Calendar: Recruitment Edition before June 5th you get a FREE PASS to our famous Giveaway Funnel Boot Camp! We sell tickets for $397, and you get yours for free! 

Join us for a Giveaway Boot Camp any time in the future, so that you can build a Giveaway Funnel to generate leads for your new recruits.

 Individual Agent Complete Website Template (Retail Value $997, bonus expires June 12th)

Chris Murphy, our award-winning funnel designer, has put together an entire website template for individual agents... and you're getting your very own version imported into your Agent CRM account if you buy Pack My Calendar before June 12th. This beautiful website is ready to go, you just have to fill in your content to make it yours! You’ll want this web site in your “toolbox” so that you can show prospects everything you do, and give them an inside view into all of the tools they’ll have access to when they join your team.

 Lead Ad Training with Ryan (Retail Value $500, bonus expires June 30th)

Ryan Hocke will walk you through how to set up your ads as lead ads, so that you can split-test your lead generation campaigns. You can run your on-demand seminar funnel and your Facebook Direct Ads campaign side-by-side to see which performs better for you. This training video will walk you through setting up your ads and integrating them with your Agent CRM account. This training is included for anyone who buys before June 30.


TOTAL VALUE: $10,776

Let Me Take ALL The Risk:

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this program, or I'll return your money and let you keep the program anyway. You have thirty days from the time of purchase to try it out risk-free!

Let Me Take ALL The Risk:

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this program, or I'll return your money and let you keep the program anyway. You have thirty days from the time of purchase to try it out risk-free!


Recap of Everything You're Getting When You Order Today:

TOTAL VALUE: $10,776



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Where do I record my seminar?

Most clients record right from their laptop computer! 

Do I have to use agent CRM for the rest of my business?

Nope, but after you use it, you probably will 😉. It’s seven solutions one. It includes email marketing, integrated online booking, artificial intelligence for smart follow-up, a power dialer, and a funnel builder all for $47. It costs less than most “duct-tape” CRM solutions. 

What Are People Saying About Alex Branning and PackMyCalendar? Check It Out...

“Alex Branning has the complete package for insurance agents' marketing. Social media interactions, automated emails, power dialing, advertising programs, and much more!”
– Bruce Kuczinski
“Very thorough program- more tools and uses for insurance agents in one program than anything else on the market. Well done training videos as well!”
– Tanner Isaacson
“Great platform for "auto" effective marketing and excellent support if your not a techie guy/gal. They go out of their way to help, support, and coach you to be successful in your business. Highly recommended platform!!!”
– Glenn V. Castillo

As You Can See... Alex Branning Has Already Helped Insurance Agents Grow Their Business Using These Same Systems... The Question Is, Are YOU Next?


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